Vassar Girls

LCF sent me its MA fashion journalism newspaper last week and I couldn’t put down Rebecca Tuite’s story about the ‘Vassar Girl’ look (the female Ivy League look, if you will). The Vassar Girl look was epitomised by an unofficial uniform of Bermuda shorts, Brooks Brothers shirts, twinsets, Shetland sweaters, loafers and knee socks. “Looking too feminine wasn’t in,” recalls interviewee Mira Lehr. “I started wearing less makeup and very simple clothes and hair cut — kind of a female version of what the guys were wearing at Princeton and Yale. I was dressing to show intellect and to be part of the elite.”

The story was actually published here last year and Tuite is also working on a book called Vassar Style: Fashion, Feminism and 1950s American Media to be published this year. I can’t wait to see more pictures like this…