How to get the perfect Louboutin red manicure

Do you know the story of how the soles of Christian Louboutin’s shoes came to be red? Legend has it that he painted them with red nail polish “as the shoes lacked energy”. Nail pro Sophy Robson returned the compliment at the Ungaro AW11 show where she created scarlet lacquered talons. And how did she get the right shade? By colour-matching the soles of a Loub of course – using a custom blend of OPI Big Apple Red, Leighton Denny Provocative and Revlon Red (although she could have just used Chanel ‘Fire’ according to this site). And that is my cute story for today…

Update: According to another nail pro, @MarianNewman, Revlon Red was the actual shade used on the original Louboutins.  *Adds to Wikipedia*