Margaret Howell SS14 campaign by Koto Bolofo

Margaret-Howell-SS14-Koto-Bolofo-The-Shoe 4

Funny isn’t it… You could spend thousands on flying superstar teams to exotic locales for a mediocre campaign or stay put and shoot these beauties in your own factory. Here’s the SS14 Margaret Howell campaign shot by regular collaborator Koto Bolofo…

Margaret-Howell-SS14-Koto-Bolofo-The-Shoe 7
Margaret-Howell-SS14-Koto-Bolofo-The-Shoe 2
Margaret-Howell-SS14-Koto-Bolofo-The-Shoe 3
Margaret-Howell-SS14-Koto-Bolofo-The-Shoe 5
Margaret-Howell-SS14-Koto-Bolofo-The-Shoe 6
Margaret-Howell-SS14-Koto-Bolofo-The-Shoe 8
Margaret-Howell-SS14-Koto-Bolofo-The-Shoe 9

Margaret-Howell-SS14-Koto-Bolofo-The-Shoe 10