Indie boy wars: Saint Laurent or Burberry?

I don’t take much notice of male pop stars or what they’re wearing. The only time I pay the slightest attention is when Burberry emails me to tell me who wore what at one of its snazzy events and that’s only a nanosecond before I press the delete button (sorry Burbs, I just don’t do celebs). But guess what? Burberry has competition. While for a long time, Burberry had the monopoly over cute indie boys, Christopher Bailey now has a big competitor. And he’s way cooler.

Since Hedi Slimane came on board at Saint Laurent, he has not only rounded up his favourite boys in bands to zip into skinny jeans on the runway and feature in his campaigns, but he has photographed them too. And it’s no secret he lives and breathes the rock-n-roll lifestyle (albeit with a drink and drug-free rider). The AW13 Saint Laurent menswear collection has been blogged by Charlie Porter and looking at this Saint Laurent duffle, I’m seeing shades of Burberry and yet, which would a cool young grunge kid rather wear – sensible Burberry or rebellious Saint Laurent? I put the question to my blog buddy 00o00, who likes to document celebrity menswear style. First he said “they’re very different styles”, before conceding that “I want this jacket [above] so bad. So yes, Saint Laurent have stolen me from Burberry!”

On a side note, those rumoured Saint Laurent rollerboots actually exist. Thank you Charlie Porter for this gem…

[Rollerboot image: Charlie Porter)