Gentlewoman style: forward planning

Smythson diary

How far do you like to plan ahead? Are you the type to get your next year diary in August, or do you buy it in clearance on the 31st January (you cheapskate!)?

Smythson is making it very easy to stock up now with its 2017 diaries which now come in an extended range of colours. Its customers kept asking for different shades, so it’s gone mad and given them everything they asked for and more.

I’ve loved using my Smythson Soho diary this year. It’s biggish (about the size of an iPad Mini), but the pages are so light that it’s not like lugging a huge agenda around with you. Yet it does have a handy back pocket for stuffing essential bits and bobs (I keep an emergency £20 note in mine, plus my Liberty loyalty card and a photo of my long departed dad). It has a week to view on one side and a to-do page on the other. I use the to-do page variously as a weekly to-do, for notes during meetings, or as a ‘what I achieved this week’ recap if I’ve had a particularly productive week. It’s just an utter pleasure to use.

When I was researching my book, I was interested to learn just how many people still love a paper diary. It seems there are lots of reasons for this but the main one for me is a kind of mindfulness. I’m much more engaged with what I’m writing if I do it with pen and paper than if I’m thwacking keys on a keyboard or texting on my phone. (Also, I’m a lousy typist.)

As an extra touch, you can also have your Smythson diary stamped with your initials which needless to say also makes it a really lovely gift option. If you are gifting it, then there are two other sweet treats that you might also want to consider alongside. The alphabet charms (£50) come in two different fonts and can be used as a bag charm or a keyring charm, while the Panama Circle coin purse (£165) comes in a range of pop bright colours and is super useful for keeping at easy reach in your bag (it comes with a detachable strap).

I would love to know your thoughts on paper diaries, whether you use one, what type you use, and how! P.S. If you fancy seeing how a Smythson diary is made, you can revisit my post from this time last year, when I went to see the Smythson workshops…


WORDS: Disneyrollergirl/Navaz Batliwalla
IMAGE: Smythson
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