Positive beauty: Costa Brazil by Francisco Costa

Costa Brazil Francisco Costa sustainable beauty brand

I’m liking the sound of Costa Brazil, the new sustainable beauty brand by – who’d have guessed? – Francisco Costa.

If you remember, he was ousted as women’s creative director of Calvin Klein to make way for Raf, but this art-meets-beauty concept (partly inspired by artist Piero Manzoni) has apparently been on his mind for a while. “The last three years at Calvin were nothing but brutal. I felt liberated to do something new, and I already had this in mind. It switched the energy positively,” he told Vogue.com.

Core to Costa Brazil is a super-ingredient, Breu, a sweet-smelling resin that comes from the Almacega tree, discovered by Costa when he spent time post-Klein on hiatus in the Amazon rainforest. The antioxidant extract has been incorporated into two oils, one for face and one for body, while the raw resin can also be burnt incense-style. Two other ingredients are key, including one that Costa describes as ‘more potent than argan oil’.

Coming soon to accompany the oils are soaps, hair care, and fragrance. These golden nectars in their minimalist bottles are definitely speaking to me and scent-wise, I’m imagining a Nars Monoi Body Glow II vibe.

Costa Brazil Kaya Anti-aging Oil by Francisco Costa
Costa Brazil Kaya Jungle Firming Oil by Francisco Costa

It’s actually a smart move from Costa. It’s not as predictable as coming out with a clothing line (although that could come later), and beauty-wise, Brazil is booming. Plus, Costa has a loyal fan base of women who will likely drink this all up. I also quite like that he’s a quiet presence, unlike big personality founders like Tom Ford and Charlotte Tilbury. Could be a surprise hit…

WORDS: Disneyrollergirl / Navaz Batliwalla
IMAGE: Costa Brazil
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