My T-shirt for Marc Cain SS14

1 Marc-Cain-tshirt-disneyrollergirl-Navaz-Batliwalla-ss14

A few months ago I was invited to design a T-shirt for Marc Cain SS14 along the theme of ‘Pink… From Paris to Tokyo’. I’ve never designed a T-shirt before but one of the suggestions was a collage, so I didn’t need to be asked twice.

I decided to focus on stamps and ephemera from my scrapbooks but I had to improvise a little (a lot) as I didn’t have as much French and Japanese material as I imagined. And then it transpired that stamps aren’t as copyright-free as I thought they were so there was a lot of trial and error. Zut alors! But that’s the creative process, right? I initially wanted a unisex, surfy-skaty shaped tee with a bubblegum pink background and an allover print, but the end result is a lot cleaner and more commercial. Here’s a peek at my creative journey…

2 Marc-Cain-tshirt-disneyrollergirl-Navaz-Batliwalla-ss14
3 Marc-Cain-tshirt-disneyrollergirl-Navaz-Batliwalla-ss14
4 The art Of William Burroughs
5 Etsy 6 TokyofashionCom
7 Marc-Cain-tshirt-disneyrollergirl-Navaz-Batliwalla-ss14
8 Marc-Cain-tshirt-disneyrollergirl-Navaz-Batliwalla-ss14
9 Marc-Cain-tshirt-disneyrollergirl-Navaz-Batliwalla-ss14
10 Sumeja-Tulic
11 Marc-Cain-tshirt-disneyrollergirl-Navaz-Batliwalla-ss14
12 unknown

13 VirtualJapan Com 14 Skinny La Minx COM

15 Marc-Cain-tshirt-disneyrollergirl-Navaz-Batliwalla-ss14
16 Marc-Cain-tshirt-disneyrollergirl-Navaz-Batliwalla-ss14
17 Stussy Marc Cain
18 Marc-Cain-disneyrollergirl-tee-with stamps
19 weegee
20 sky
23 Marc-Cain-disneyrollergirl-tee-without stamps

Also taking part in the project were Marian Kihogo, Peony Lim, Kathrin Fricke, Nancy Zhang and Charlotte Groeneveld. All the T-shirts go on sale in Marc Cain stores and online from February 2014.

[Image credits: William Burroughs; Etsy;; Sumeja Tulic;;; Stussy; Weejee]