Pictures from now and then: ISYS Archive

My new blog obsession is ISYSArchive.TV, a picture-heavy site that came to my attention via the lovely Karen Savage. Karen had a successful T-shirt design business in the 90s and we moved in the same clubbing circles but never actually spoke until fairly recently. She contributed this post to the What We Wore series which is one of the strongest features of the blog. I never tire of studying old youth culture photos, they just have a different, unselfconscious quality compared to the snaps of young people we see these days (or maybe that’s just me being wistful and nostalgic).

The wonders of the internet means these blurry but full-of-history amateur snaps can now be discovered and shared by others, rather than being stuffed in a shoebox never again to see the light of day….

What would be ever better is for the owners of old 60s mod/70s punk/80s soul boy photos to upload them to (Google-partnered) Historypin, the time-and-place site that lets you visually pinpoint when and where in history you were doing whatever it is you did. As more people ‘pin’ their photos to a particular coordinate of time and place, we can really feel the spirit of what was happening at that point in history.