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how to wear supersized cuffs

At the Matchesfashion.com press day, we were all gushing about the Palmer Harding supersized cuff shirts. Shirting is their signature and this sort of detail is enough of a twist to make a statement without overpowering. That said, there are lots of cuff-detailed shirts around now where the sleeves are the main event. The best ones are made from thick starched cotton, so they stay in place, especially if you double them back or fold them unbuttoned over a sweater sleeve.

With the more avant-garde shirts, they’re meant to look wonky and um, expensively dishevelled. So the trick is to make sure everything else looked properly pressed and groomed. Too many supersized elements can look a bit weird (although I’m sooo guilty of this) so I try to make sure my trousers aren’t trailing and that jewellery is undersized rather than jumbo proportioned. If you’re tall you can get away with more, if you’re petite, be extra careful.

Finally, to tuck or not to tuck? I think the effect of the giant cuffs is diminished if your shirt is billowing like a sail, so I’d err on the side of loosely tucking in. But the key is to do whatever feels most comfortable, so make your choice, own it and forget about it!


WORDS: Disneyrollergirl/Navaz Batliwalla
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