Models From Elsewhere: Marianna

It’s not often you turn up on a shoot to find your model baking a cake, but that’s exactly what happened on our latest Models From Elsewhere shoot. 21-year old Marianna from M&P Models, has been in London for a year, fitting castings and shoots around her architecture studies. Originally from Poznan in Poland, she lives with a flatmate in King’s Cross where she can be found when not studying at Central St Martins nearby.

DISNEYROLLERGIRL: How did you get into modelling?
MARIANNA: I first got scouted on holiday in London when I was 14. It had never crossed my mind to be a model, so I didn’t go but it made me think about it. When I came back home I sent my pictures to the nearest agency. To be honest I just wanted to stop thinking about it. I thought OK they’re going to say ‘no thank you’ and then at least I’ll have peace of mind but that didn’t happen, instead they accepted me!

How did you come to study architecture?
I wanted to study interior design because I thought architecture was too big scale and interior design would be more personal. But then I read a book by my favourite architect Peter Zumthor and it changed my mind. I was always into art but I always knew I wanted to do some kind of applied art. I never felt like I could be a fine artist and what I like about architecture is that it’s composed of so many areas and subjects and it also gives you opportunities to talk about your passions, so for example last year I made a building which was a café. You have to know a bit about engineering and technology, but also art, materials, and psychology – I just find it fascinating.

Do you have any other creative passions?
I used to do photography and I used to do a lot of drawing and painting before I got on the course but now I don’t have that much time for other things. But I keep my small personal sketchbooks and I still take pictures. I like to keep something for myself that’s not related to the course.

What do you do when you’re at home?
I don’t really spend that much time at home. In the evenings I go to pubs, I have a lot of gay friends so I go to a lot of gay pubs. But if I’m home I spend most of my time either watching something on the computer or reading books. Actually, I have to say I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. When I’m stressed, when I have a bad day, I just feel like baking a cake!

What are your favourite personal possessions?
My pictures of family and friends. And the bracelets that I got from my family when I graduated from high school. Also my earrings that I got from my boyfriend and a bracelet that was a gift from my friends.

Can you describe your personal style?
I love greys, blacks, whites, blues. I like to be quite minimal and have one thing that stands out, like a colour or a big piece of jewellery. I don’t know anything about trends. I love second hand stuff, not even because it’s vintage but I think I’m attracted to stuff that has a story behind it. I think here vintage is much more popular than in Poland, but in Poland we have lots of second hand shops that look quite disgusting, quite trashy and you have to basically really look for something. Like there’s a lot of trash but if you actually find something then it’s really cheap and it’s very original. What I dislike about vintage shops here is that the stuff is already picked for you, you go in and there’s like, a load of denim jackets – it kind of kills the pleasure that I used to have in it.

Is there a photographer you would most like to work with?
I really like Ryan McGinley, but he doesn’t really do fashion. But his shots are very joyful and natural and he shows naked people in a very natural way. It’s not vulgar at all, but very primal and positive.

Would you ever live anywhere else? Tokyo? New York?
No, in fact I miss London when I’m away. You can do anything here, there’s so much to do, so many free exhibitions. It’s more a case of how to fit in everything you want to do.

Blouse (ABOVE), Vanessa Bruno Athe at Urban Outfitters; Pinafore, Lulu & Co;

Bangle, Sophia Kokosalaki

Top, Sessun at Urban Outfitters; Shorts, Sophie Hulme; bangle, Sophia Kokosolaki

Blouse and skirt, Mother of Pearl; ring, Zena Khan

Ring, Zena Khan

Men’s shirt, E.Tautz; leather skirt, Mother of Pearl

Vintage jeans, from a selection Urban Outfitters Renewal; ankle boots, United Nude; socks, Falke

TOP IMAGE: Vintage jumper, from a selection, Urban Outfitters Renewal; blouse and skirt, Mother of Pearl; Ring, Zena Khan

Photography: Flora Deborah
Make-up: Laura Sanchez Lopez using:
Burberry Sheer foundation Nº 6
Yves Saint Laurent Anti-Cernes concealer Nº 3
Too Faced Shadow Insurance eye shadow primer
Yves Saint Laurent Poudre sur Mesure loose powder Nº 2
Benefit blush in Dandelion
MAC eye shadows in Patina, Soba, Brul, Coquette (for eyebrows)
Chanel Rouge Allure extrait de gloss Nº 51

Thanks to Esther at M&P Models