Models from Elsewhere: Chelsea

Straight off the plane from New York, 20 year old model Chelsea from M&P Models was the second in my Models From Elsewhere series. This sunny, Carolina-born dancer hosted us in her tiny King’s Cross flat, did cartwheels on demand and waxed lyrical on her love of dancing, vintage and Asos







How did you get into modelling?
I grew up as a tomboy because I have two older brothers. I skateboarded and played baseball. About when I got to 12 I started getting girly. When I was in high school I was really tall and skinny and everyone was like, “you should try modelling”. My dance teacher was a model and she encouraged me to do it. I’m now with Wilhelmina’s in New York where I’ve done shows and showroom press events, and I’ve just arrived at M&P in London.

Tell me about your dancing career
I danced for 15 years and I’m really close to my dance teacher. When I go home to Carolina I teach 2-15 year olds. What kind of dance? Everything – ballet, jazz, hip hop.

Describe your favourite room
My favourite room is in Carolina where I grew up. We live in a log cabin in the country. I have all my pillows, teddy bears and dance trophies and a giant picture collage from when I was small. I have a huge Vogue picture on my dresser where I hang my jewellery.

What’s your room in London like?
I’m staying in a flat in Kings Cross that belongs to a photographer. It’s really small but it’s really cosy. If I’m staying in I like to relax, read, drink coffee, watch Hula on my Playbook

What do you do when you’re not at home?
I go sight-seeing; I want to go to Hyde Park, I want to see the Harry Potter studio tour, I want to go to Piccadilly Circus! Do you guys have Asos stores here? There’s no actual Asos stores? That’s so depressing!

Describe your style
I love Alexander Wang, especially his bags. I like a lot of black so his clothes are perfect. I also love Asos and Topshop and vintage shopping. In New York I go to the Brooklyn Flea market but I want to find some vintage markets in London. My favourite pieces are my rings. My mom took the diamond out of my aunt’s ring and made it into another ring. And my other favourite ring, my dad bought at an antique estate sale. It’s from the 18th century, it’s beautiful and it means something special to me.

What are your plans as a model?
I want to travel as much as possible while I can. I want to learn a bunch of languages, maybe study abroad. I just want to model and earn enough to support me and my family and live a normal life.

Photography: Flora Deborah
Make-up: Caroline Sims
Model: Chelsea at M&P Models