On Karlheinz clipdanglers and everyday carry

Love a Karlheinz Weinberger clipdangler. That is, a leather clip to dangle from your belt to hang your keys from (in the style of the Karlheinz kids). Not sure that ‘clipdangler’ is an actual word but if it’s not, it should be. I found these ‘clipdanglers’ on the Vintage Showroom blog. They’re selling them at their Earlham Street shop…

And while Googling ‘clipdangler’, I came across the Everyday Carry Tumblr, full of photos of the essential stuff men carry daily in their pockets/man bags plus commentary to go with. I had no idea that ‘everyday carry’ (or EDC) is a full blown concept based on ‘preparedness’. I think I should be the queen of EDC judging by the amount of ‘essential’ junk I haul around with me.

I’m fascinated because it’s increasingly common to see guys on the Tube with backpacks and being the nosy type, I’m always like, ‘what’s in there?’ Plus as men get used to carrying bags instead of relying on pockets, I’m convinced there will be a tendency to carry more, just because they can. And so the man bag market continues to explode… (Here’s more on Everyday Carry at A Continuous Lean)

From the Everyday Carry Tumblr

If you’re a guy reading this, I’d love to know what you carry in your pockets/bag every day.