Gentlewoman style: serious raincoats

High street raincoats and trench coats are all very well. They no doubt look the part and some can be nicely made, but for long lasting and properly weather proofed trench coats, I prefer to buy from the originators. I’m well versed in Burberry and my navy wool Margaret Howell trench has proved to be a year-round friend but there are a couple of other great recommendations I can make.

If you want a hardy trench that suggests classic and contemporary in equal measures, then do check out Mackintosh. The heritage brand has had a resurgence in recent years, with excellent colours and strong prints. Mackintosh also makes coats for brands like Hermes, so you know you’re going to get quality here, although at around the £600-£700 mark, it’s certainly a lot more affordable than a more fashion-focused brand like Burberry.

A newer name to know is Hancock, which interestingly enough comes from the team behind Mackintosh’s revival. Again, these sensible but beautifully designed macs (handmade from the vulcanised waterproof fabric pioneered by Thomas Hancock in 1843) are just fashion-forward enough and come in cheery colour palettes that work perfectly with our unpredictable English springs. For SS13, Hancock has teamed up with emerging talent from Scottish art schools and you can buy the results from Matches

Hancock, £630

Mackintosh £760

Hancock, £870

Mackintosh, £745