Gentlewoman style: Jane Birkin in Vogue

Jane Birkin Westman Atelier

Love this feature and photo of Jane Birkin in U.S Vogue in which she discusses music, beauty, style, bereavement and the human condition.

It’s a lovely lengthy read and this is my favourite bit:
“I think at 40 years old, I was at my best, really. Not for me at 20 or 25. Forty is, I think, a great, great age for a girl, 40 and even 50. It’s a lovely age because girls are as fragile as when they’re 15, and they don’t know what’s coming up. They know what they’re losing, but they don’t know what they’re going to get; 40 and 50 is a bit like that. You turn into something else a little bit, and it’s rather exciting. You do rash things. You do rash things because it’s your last chance in lots of ways, so I find that girls of 40 are interesting characters to write for, and 50 too.”

And she traded her Hermès Birkin for this:
“I find my handbags too heavy, so I’ve gone into men’s pockets. I’ve got men’s corduroy trousers—not particularly pretty ones—with big pockets. I hang my key on a Hermès string because I’ve been caught out too often when you shut the door and you think, Oh, no, you’re no longer a teenager, and you’re shut outside. You fool. So I now attach them to my trousers.”

She also talks about her quest for certain elusive fashion items and how she’d love to do a line. Sounds to me like she needs to call A.P.C. Read it here (pay wall) or here (non-pay wall).

WORDS: Disneyrollergirl / Navaz Batliwalla
IMAGE: Jane Birkin by Gabrielle Crawford
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