Fashion and tech: Frends jewellery headphones

It’s only just dawned on me that headphones have become a fashion thing. Recently I’ve been bombarded with press releases about ‘designer’ headphones, why I don’t know as I have zero interest in them. I guess it taps into the wearable technology trend so maybe I should pay more attention.

These caught my eye though. Frends is a collective run by artists, athletes and musicians, so these are aesthetically beautiful, well designed (the cords won’t tangle and the foldable headphones will fit into a clutch) and crucially, deliver a high quality sonic experience (so I’m told). But the interesting bit is that these are also seen as a type of jewellery, fashioned from leather and finished with silver or gold. The rose gold with white leather is particularly sexy but all the designs are very appealing and really not a bad price (from £80). The collection is exclusively available in the UK at Avenue32.