Gentlewoman style: The chain necklace

Sophie Buhai short silver chain

One of my personal ‘style signifiers’ is a short gold chain necklace. It’s a delicate slither of a thing with dainty handcuffs as a clasp and it gets a big mention in my book, The New Garconne: How to be a Modern Gentlewoman (*cough* perfect mothers day gift idea *cough*).

For something so discreet it gets a lot of compliments! And it’s an easy thing to wear to add just enough interest if your day-to-day uniform is a bit too boring minimalist.

For me, gold works in a similar way to a bright white tee worn underneath a dark crew neck knit. It acts as a skin-illuminating light reflector, adding a semi-circle of life to your face. A small detail that makes a big difference.

I like the chunky ‘Forte chain’ by Laura Lombardi (below), but for something a bit longer and daintier Shinola has started doing some gold chain pendants, designed by Pamela Love, while this Vrai & Oro circle necklace is ethically made but its straight-to-consumer model means it’s fairly affordable.

If you don’t like gold, then I’m a big fan of Sophie Buhai’s chain necklaces in silver (top and below). These are made to order but I think they’re worth the wait, they’re real classic pieces…

Below: Vrai & Oro
Vrai and Oro circle necklace

Shinola coin edge locket and gold pendants
Shinola coin edge locket
Shinola gold chain

Laura Lombardi chain necklaces
Laura Lombardi gold chain necklace
Laura Lombardi necklace

Sophie Buhai silver egg necklace
Sophie Buhai silver egg pendant


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