Diesel/Christies SOUL i-D party

Lots of fun was had at last night’s SOUL i-D party to celebrate the launch of the SOUL i-D book. Everywhere I looked was a member of the i-D ‘family’, from eighties icons Caryn Franklin, Philip Sallon and Pam Hogg to Simon Foxton and his gorgeous gaggle of faithful followers.

I was mighty impressed with the PR’s tactics to ensure attendance at the bash – namely emailing not only a list of ‘confirmed celebrities’ (as is now the norm) but also a sneak peak at the menu. Now if there’s one way to drag me to an event it’s to entice me with some fancy canapes. Here you go:

Parmesan shortbread with roasted cherry tomato, goats cheese & pesto

Black olive biscotti with aioli, tomato confit & tapenade

Fontina & prosciutto di san daniele with purple figs

Burnt mushrooms, shallots, & red wine drizzle on toasted brioche

Crab lemongrass & cilantro salad on brioche – topped with mango & red onion marmalade with beetroot cress

Beetroot cured salmon with crème fraiche & wasabi caviar on lightly toasted blinis

Raspberry, elderflower & champagne jelly on baby shortbread rounds (orange zest to finish)


De Nauroy Brut NV, France, Reims

San Rafael Sauvignon Blanc 2007, Chile, San Rafael

Libertad Red Malbec/Shiraz 2007, Argentina, Mendoza

Asian Tonic
Lychee Belvedere cocktail

Soft Drinks
Cucumber, lemon & ginger cooler
Strained cucumber with fresh lemon & topped with ginger beer

Rhubarb & apple
Muddled rhubarb & vanilla served tall with cloudy apple

Ty Nant still and sparkling water


Scott Schuman is in town!

I received a tip-off yesterday from my mole-at-The-Times that Scott Schuman (AKA The Sartorialist) would be staking out the Osman Yousefzada show. I promptly forgot until I found myself haring along Exhibition Road in the fuzzy rain having just sprinted from the Cooperative Designs show a few blocks away. OMG there he was! He graciously let me take a photo although I could see he didn’t really want me to so the result was a tad stony-faced. “How’s it going Scott, are you getting good stuff?” “Yeah, trying to…” was the reply. Oh dear, street photos and London drizzle do not a good combination make. Let’s hope the sun makes an appearance!

Punk Perfect Awful

If I have to choose between a kissy-kissy, champagne-and-red-carpet, fashion week soiree and a scuzzy East London beer-fest, the scuzzy option wins every time. London does ‘gritty’ much more convincingly than posh somehow. Matt Irwin’s private view for his Punk Perfect Awful exhibition was just that – messy, gritty, noisy and silly (Like, hello, what was Geri Halliwell doing there?!). Fashion-wise, it was a complete fur-fest, accompanied by short skirts, fancy tights plus a smattering of distressed, nay, distraught denim. Excellent!

Oh, and I had a lovely chat with nail artist Sophy Robson about the second coming of the long nail. Yep, talons are back! Check her blog here