Awesome people hanging out together at the Advanced Style London book launch

Far too much fun was had on Thursday night at the Advanced Style book launch when London’s funnest and finest turned out for Ari Seth Cohen’s party at Mary’s Shop, House of Fraser. I ran around like a crazed photo-blogger taking my piss-poor photos of Virginia Bates, Duggie Fields, Jibby Bean, Bernstock & Speirs’ Thelma Speirs, and the lady on page 28 of Advanced Style. Actually, I realised we’re all bloggers now as Virginia admitted that she too was taking photos for her Vogue blog and I later discovered that Duggie’s Facebook page is very blog-like (which made me wonder why all artists don’t have blogs, they’re surely the perfect medium, no?).

The Advanced Style book – in case you don’t know the blog – is an exuberant celebration of senior style and a wonderful resource of confident styling and ways with colour. Somehow, these 60+ women really do have a special understanding of how to wear colour. Does it come with age? Is age even relevant in style? It’s a question that comes up a lot and some people think all this bracketing people together in age-shackles is patronising. Personally I think age shouldn’t be relevant in anything creative, it’s just another bloody box to put people in but in this case, it’s a step in simply saying, hello, older people aren’t invisible. To be honest, the age issue is one that needs a bit more eloquence than you’ll get in this post (may as well head to a dedicated blog like the excellent That’s Not My Age or The Womens Room) so here are some photos from the party and the book instead…

Don’t miss Zandra’s incredible ring and cobalt mani

The Lady On Page 28 (AKA Rita who it turns out is a blogger too) wearing a gorgeous multi-media brooch

The fabulous Thelma Spiers

Virginia Bates in vintage dressing gown and just-back-from-Ibiza glow

Me and Ari

And if you want to meet the man himself and get your own signed copy of the book, he’s at Mary’s Shop, House of Fraser, Westfield London today at 2pm.

Image credits: Top to bottom:
Disneyrollergirl x 2
Ari Seth Cohen
Ari Seth Cohen x 2
The Very Simon G