Art, clothes and coffee at the SHOWstudio cafe

Where to go for a stiff espresso, some earnest culture debate and a spot of art-admiring that’s central but not besieged by tourists and prams? Ah hello the SHOWstudio art café – check you out with your artsy crockery, Brassai photos,  vintage coffee machine and fancy Keith Tyson for Mother of Pearl fashions…!

42nd Street, New York, Coffee Drinker, Neil Libbert, £1,200

Picasso in Café Flore, Brassai, £5000

Phone Call, Saul Leiter, £2,800

Piers Atkinson Café hat, £4,500

Cloud choreography cup and saucer, Keith Tyson, £25

SHOWstudio cafe, 11:00 – 18:00, Tuesday-Saturday until 5th November.