Fit and you know it

Im thinking of starting an exercise regime. I’ve never been a gym bunny (in fact, the only time I’ve ever set foot in a gym was to do a shoot) so I’m going down the workout DVD route. Years ago an ex-boyfriend had the Cindy Crawford video although I don’t think he was actually working out to it. I happened to find it pretty good – the exercises were manageable, the soundtrack was fabulous and of-course, I wanted to look like Cindy. So I’ve tracked it down and ordered my own copy from Amazon. Obviously the point of this isn’t solely to get fit, I’m not that virtuous. To be blunt, it’s the cute outfit I want. I am after all, the girl who took up ballet because I wanted to wear the Flashdance-esque leotards and little wrap cardigans (how vexatious to find all the other women in nylon warm-up pants and microfleece tops). No, you can keep your Lycra T-shirt, MBT trainers and Coolmax leggings (ugh, so nineties), I’m all about old school workout chic. It’s the seventies satin running shorts, the cheerleader tube socks and the grey marl racer-back singlet I’m coveting. Yes, I’m doing the Cindy Crawford workout Terry Richardson style!

Grey marl is seriously undervalued and frankly a waste limited to workout-wear when it also looks so right in a biker jacket or a dress. And while we’re on the subject, when is someone (Balenciaga? Stella McCartney The Row?) going to invent my dream dress, a fleeceback grey marl evening gown – perhaps complete with kangaroo pocket? As someone who is constantly cold and who hates dressing up, this would be pretty damn perfect. Stefano Pilati is kind of on the right track, just check out the YSL ss08 collection. Who knew sweatshirting fabric could work in a pleat-top tailored trouser? With it’s smart-casual contradiction it’s a mere skip and a hop from my ballgown fantasy. For now though, the logo sweatshirt – although clearly trop cher – would look ever so sportif tied around my shoulders post-workout. Now… I just need to muster up some motivation.


RIP: It Bags

So it’s happened. It appears It Bags have over-stepped the mark in their battle of who could be the most expensive and consumers have finally said “enough!” A new Mintel report says that although UK sales of top-tier bags are set to hit £553m this year, growth in the next five years is likely to slow as the novelty of celebrity-endorsed It Bags wanes.

I can’t say I blame people for not wanting to throw £1600 on a Burberry Warrior bag. This is what I hate about fashion fashion, the competitive trying-to-keep-up aspect, the sad must-have mentality, I mean, where’s the fun in that? It’s especially galling to find out that the pricing structure is based on precious little than how much the designer thinks they can get away with. According to Lauren Goldstein Crowe at [please can someone tell me how to put the link in here?], the CEO of luxe bag company Nancy Gonzalez has revealed how bags are priced. Apparently there are no pricing guidelines, once the cost price has been determined they just pluck a figure from the air based on what they think a customer will pay for it. There’s nothing wrong with this practice in itself, it’s how the property market works after all, but the recent It Bag phenomenon has made the practice of bag-overpricing more widespread than ever.

So what happens now we have the It Bag backlash? Well, it’s obvious isn’t it? After the death of the It Bag comes…the birth of the It Shoe. Be prepared for the price of your favourite Pradas, Lanvins and Louboutins to skyrocket…

Punks in Paris

Anyone planning a shopping expedition to Paris? Don’t forget to shoe-horn the new April 77 shop in between your sprees at Colette, APC and Goyard. Designed by the guy who built the original Biba store in London, the address is 49 Rue De Saintonge, 75003.


New(ish) blood for Chloé

As reported yesterday, OUT goes Paulo Melim Andersson and IN goes Brit designer Hannah MacGibbon. MacGibbon is an old Chloé face. She was there at the beginning of Phoebe Philo’s reign and was recently creative director for the development and launch of Chloé Parfum (yes, those divine pics of Sevigny, Rubik and Poesy). This is good news to me. I loved Philo’s Chloé aesthetic and even though MacGibbon will have to move it on, I have a feeling her innate London-girl style (she is an ex St Martins girl after all) will give it back the cool-chic edge it needs.

Happiness is…

…a pile of 2-months worth of magazines!

Yes, I’m back from the crazy mixed-up world of launching a magazine in India. It was certainly an experience and that (I think) will be my last word on the matter. Boy am I glad to be back and the lovely D has made life sweeter than ever being a domestic God, overseeing the renovations on our flat, filling umpteen (well, three) vases with tulips and daffodils, paying all my bills and most importantly, diligently buying all my magazines while I was away. Saint? I think so!

Now I’ve got to get used to life without a driver, get my brain in gear to find some work and get back into full-time blogging mode…it’s good to be back!