Who is Aries?

Aries is a new name on my radar, although the names of its creators are not. Sofia Prantera was (one of) the brains behind Silas, the cult casualwear brand that made up quite a chunk of my late nineties/early noughties wardrobe, while Fergus Purcell’s Tonite label was equally influential at the time. I spotted a few Aries samples on a rail at the Village PR press day in October and they seemed at once familiar, yet new. This is a small collection of high-low pieces, designed to be kept and worn indefinitely. In fact, the inspiration for the brand comes from an anti-consumerist point of view – the casual pieces are ethically made in Italy and the UK with an emphasis on good quality and while this means that some pieces will be expensive, others like the printed tees are more affordable.

I just liked the general low-fi vibe and feel of the collection and knowing Sofia Prantera and her aesthetic, I think it could pan out to be something as significant and influential as her past work.