Vintage Festival 2011

I went to Vintage Festival yesterday and spent far too much time in the (free) Vintage Village snapping 1960s plan chests and dressing tables and not enough time in the main event. I have to say it was all excellently done. The Northern Soul music playing in the main hall set the tone beautifully while The Warehouse transported me straight back to the days of illegal warehouse raves in a haze of dry ice and nostalgia. I loved the efforts people made to dress up in their vintage finery and I really hope Martin Parr was lurking to document it all.

The Vintage Village is geek heaven for post-war memorabilia fans

1950s Stag dressing table

Norman Jay MBE!

The visual and historical feast that is the Museum of 1951, sharing some amazing insights and memorabilia of the Festival of Britain (this is actually on til Sept 4th which is good as otherwise it would be a terrible waste)