Time2 questionnaire

It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a watch fanatic so I didn’t need to be asked twice by Time2 to answer some nosy questions about watches and fashion. Time2 supplies watches to ASOS, Selfridges (including The Wonder Room) and its own stores so is worth taking notice of if you’re a fellow watch obsessive.

FYI, Time2’s fashion watch and jewellery buyer, Keira Payne-Gibbs predicts big things next season for ceramic watches, blue-black colour combos, mixed materials like plastic and metal, and rose gold finishes (in Selfridges’ Wonder Room it’s among the top 5 sellers). Here’s a bit of my questionnaire that was published on the Time2 blog.

What’s a typical day for Disney Roller Girl?
I check my emails and Twitter from bed, potter about doing some admin-y things most of the morning and have my meetings in the afternoon if I can. If I’m shooting I’ll line up appointments/castings/meetings all day and do the creative stuff (researching, unpacking samples) in the evening. If it’s a writing day, I’ll do my pottering and then get stuck in around 11. I’m not good at writing first thing, I like to ease into it slowly. Blogging gets slotted in around everything else.

Do you have a favourite designer/look for this autumn/winter?
I’ve just been researching the shows so I can tell you that although I love Michael van der Ham, for practicality reasons I’m veering more towards Celine and Stella McCartney. I’m all about a well-cut, mannish coat!

What do you love about watches/do you have a favourite brand/style?
Watches are like jewellery really, for me. Although I am also obsessed with the time, maybe because I’m always late! I love Swatch watches because they’re affordable, graphic and they have done some iconic collaborations. On the flip side, I also love my Hermes Medor which has a lizard skin strap and gold pyramid studs. The biggest stud opens up to revea a watch face – it’s one of a kind and a bit of a conversation starter.

Have watches become key fashion accessories in mens/womenswear in your opinion?
Watches tend to go in waves of being fashion-focussed and slipping off the radar. At the moment they’re very much key, probably because designers are doing such fun, exciting things with them.

What are you looking forward to in fashion for spring/summer 11?
I love the YSL colour palette of hot oranges, fuchsia, emerald green and turquoise that has infiltrated all the collections. I’m also excited about Bally under the new designers Michael Herz and Graeme Fidler – what I’ve seen is gorgeous.