Straw bags and London life are a tricky combination

straw bag

I wish I was the kind of person who had a use for straw basket bags in my everyday life. Alas, I’m far too pragmatic; my default is a sensible leather tote that holds an umbrella and a ton of other practicals, rather than a bikini and a lip balm.

Some London-dwellers do it really well though and I salute them (hey Fashion Me Now and Pandora Sykes). And it doesn’t mean I can’t admire from afar, so here’s my edit of fantasy straw bags and things to accompany. In particular I love the structured Mark Cross basket-weave bags but they’re super-pricy so Etsy is always a good source for affordable vintage lookalikes.

There are quite a few circular wicker bags in circulation. In fact, the smaller ones are perfectly doable for me, especially for casual weddings or summer evenings. Here’s the The Posse circular bag that Lucy Williams is wearing below. And the circular straw bags by Sophie Anderson (bottom) are stunning, handmade by artisans from Columbia’s Wayuu community in great colour combinations.

straw bags trend
Sophie Anderson straw bag


WORDS: Disneyrollergirl/Navaz Batliwalla
IMAGE: Unknown; Fashion Me Now: Matches Fashion/Sophie Anderson
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