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Aromatherapy Associates bath and shower oil

There’s only one way I can de-stress at this time of year and no, it’s not a faceful of salted caramel panettone. (OK, why lie? That too.)

The one thing that really works is a piping hot bath, a fat magazine book and a generous capful of Aromatherapy Associates bath oil. These have been a beauty editor’s secret potion since the year dot. There are many other bath unguents of course, but in terms of genuinely allowing deep relaxation, these blissful bottles are practically medicinal. My bathroom is a tech-free zone which forces me to focus on reading or just letting my mind drift. I’ve just started Katherine Graham’s autobiography (now a Meryl Street film), which needs deep concentration.

The oils are extremely gifty too. I’ve given and received the multi packs of teeny 3ml bottles (£40, here) and the Christmas ornaments that have just a single 9ml bottle inside (£10, here). This year, the Ultimate Wellbeing Time gift pack (£60, here) is an excellent set, with ten 9ml bottles of golden nectar that have different functions, from relaxing muscles to supporting equilibrium.The oils can be used for bath or shower and there’s an Aromatherapy Associates body brush as well to help stimulate circulation and overall wellbeing before you step into the tub. (Side note, the Inner Strength rollerball is brilliant for adding to pulse points before a presentation, interview or flight.)

For an affordable treat, the Me Time box (below, £18) contains a 14ml bottle of Renewing Rose Bath & Shower Oil (special edition) with a blend of Rose, Neroli and Geranium essential oils. This promises 4-5 ‘experiences’ but I’m sure you could eek it out for a few more. I love the dinky frosted bottle and the illustrated box. Buy it here.

Aromatherapy Associates Me Time Renewing Rose bath and shower oil

The classic 55ml bottles are a no-brainer for your mum, best friend or long suffering festive season host as a token of appreciation. If you’re not sure which to choose, go for Deep Relax (£45 for 55ml). The blend of vetivert, chamomile and sandalwood are immediately calming and sleep inducing. Buy it here.

Aromatherapy Associates bath and shower oil


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