Quiet please!

The style in Tommy Ton’s Style.com fashion month round up was shoutier than ever but I preferred the simpler looks. Denim, tailoring, trench coats and trainers. The updates are in the mix and the unselfconscious attitude…

1 Tommy-Ton-street-style-Stylecom-SS14
2 Tommy-Ton-street-style-Stylecom-SS14
3 Tommy-Ton-street-style-Stylecom-SS14
4 Tommy-Ton-street-style-Stylecom-SS14
5 Tommy-Ton-street-style-Stylecom-SS14
6 Tommy-Ton-street-style-Stylecom-SS14
7 Tommy-Ton-street-style-Stylecom-SS14
8 Tommy-Ton-street-style-Stylecom-SS14