Paging Polly Mellen

I could have sworn I read somewhere last week that Douglas Keeve (Unzipped) is making a movie about esteemed fashion legend Polly Mellen. But can I find any reference to it online? No I bloody can’t! Either I have false memory syndrome or I am just too ahead of the curve. Anyone able to shed light on this for me?

Updae 31/5/08
Ah! I fially found the article in The FT here (go to page 2) by Bronwyn Cosgrave. Of course, spelling Polly Mellen as ‘Polly Mellon’ didn’t help with matters of a Google nature:

“Meanwhile, Douglas Keeve, the documentarist behind Unzipped, the hit 1995 portrait of designer Isaac Mizrahi, as well as Hotel Gramercy Park, which just debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival, is now turning his attention to the “Polly Mellon project.” For two years, Keeve filmed the exuberant former Allure magazine creative director and one-time Diana Vreeland protégé and recorded her phone calls.”