Eight new fashion(ish) things I learnt this week

1) A new film, Paris Je T’aime, starring Steve Buscemi (my guilty crush), Natalie Portman and Maggie Gyllenhaal comes out later this year. It collates the work of a group of different directors (including my fave Gus Van Sant) who were each given their own five-minute segment to film in the arronidissement of their choice. Got to be worth a look.

2) As if Ebay isn’t addictive enough there’s an upscale online auction site called www.portero.com. This site specialises in cast-offs of the Hermes, Chanel and Cartier variety. Click at your peril.

3) Www.yoox.com is celebrating the golden age of Gucci with a special area of vintage picks. No, not Tom Ford tat but handbags, dresses and suits from the 50s to the 70s.

4) Life hasn’t been the same since Helmut Lang parted ways with Prada. Where to go for a reflective dress, anonymous jean or Crombie-style-coat-for-girls? Well, since Theory bought the company things have been looking up. Rumour has it that a Meatpacking District store is in the pipeline although nothing’s been signed off. Of course, it’s not Helmut Helmut, but it’s the next best thing, no?

5) From 19th-28th June, Bruce Weber’s cult movie Let’s Get Lost is being shown at New York’s Film Forum. If you go, don’t forget to get me a T-shirt will you? http://www.filmforum.org/films/letsgetlost.html

6) Dare I believe the news that Judith Leiber is opening soon in London?

7) It transpires Henry Holland isn’t just a one-T-shirt pony. Latest news is that he and Agynes Deyn are working on a jewellery collaboration. So don’t write him off just yet.

8) Keds invented the term ‘sneaker’. Who knew?

Moan of the month

Following on from my I Wore It First post, Urban Outfitters are selling vintage-look tees of my faveourite cool 80s bands. Now I didn’t mind it when people (read LA junior celebs) wore vintage Metallica and Rolling Stones tees cos those are not ‘my’ bands but Run DMC and New Order? In mass quanities? Enough please!!

My favourite shop

Last week I stumbled upon my New Favourite Shop. No, it’s not Shop at Maison Bertaux (although that also is just marvellous, with its Eley Kishimoto tees, Sonia by Sonia Rykiel stripy socks and APC everything, all with a side serving of pastries and coffee), but good old Waterstones in Piccadilly. This amazing building used to be the old Simpsons store (think quaint old-school department store that no one ever went to) but was revamped to become a five floor bookshop extravaganza.

On the top floor is the Fifth Floor Café which is café heaven, and happens to be adjacent to the fashion and photography book department. I bought Andy Warhol, The Day The Factory Died, a wee photo book of all his friends and associates arriving at his funeral – a veritable 80s-fest of Chanel bags and black Rayban Wayfarers. But I had to self-restrain from buying David Bailey’s NY JS DB 62 (a visual feast of photos of Jean Shrimpton in 1960s New York) and Richard Avedon’s portrait book In The American West as well.

There was also a nicely genteel bar adorned with framed posters taken from the book Cult Rock Posters by Roger Crimlis and Alwyn W Turner. The icing on the cake? A huge selection of Moleskine notebooks, diaries and travel guides (yes, I’m a stationery junkie) on the ground floor. What with all that and the magazine section I could practically spend an entire day there. Actually, I think I did.


Oh! Oh! I’ve been tagged by Overpriced Designer Man Bag (http://www.carryingcontraption.com/)! But it’s OK, it’s not one of those reeeaaaally looooong questionnaires so I’m gonna go for it.

Three Things That Everyone Thinks Are Gross, But I Think Are Cool
1) KFC. I know it’s not ‘real’ chicken, I know it’s pumped full of chemicals (or something) but I so don’t care. All I know is I constantly crave that secret ingredient and that tasty, crispy-crunchy skin.

2) Paying bills. I like the ritual of it all. I like things to balance and add up so when I pay bills it means everything’s tallied and harmonious and I can rest easy.

3) Ok not a thing but a person. I love Barbara Cartland, she of the pink chiffon frocks and too-blue eye shadow. In years to come, people will realise she was waaay ahead of her time.

Three Things That Everyone Thinks Are Normal, But I Think Are Gross
1) TV. There is so much crap on TV it really gets me down. I would much rather be on here finding stuff out and reading endless blogs about intelligent things like handbags, frocks and shoes.

2) Dinner parties. Or any large formal gathering where I don’t know people. I have ‘face-blindness’ (well I haven’t *actually* been diagnosed but I read an article about it once) so I’m constantly meeting people I’ve met before but can’t remember who they are or where I know them from. I also have a fear of striking up conversations with strangers so this tends to make matters worse.

3) Pubs. I don’t drink alcohol (much) and I don’t get thirsty. And I don’t like drunk people. And I don’t like SHOUTING ABOVE THE MUSIC.

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