Omorovicza: first impressions and new launches

Omorovicza skincare from Budapest

Back in the day, a skincare routine was easy – cleanse, tone, moisturise. SPF? Not on my radar. We certainly didn’t have unctuous hot cloth balms or zany foil masks – it was a straightforward, functional process. But beauty has become a bigger (and more competitive) business than ever before; enter many many more steps and products.

Until a couple of years ago, I got by quite happily on my Ren rinse-off cleanser and Nivea routine, but lately my skin’s been getting older drier and duller, with more breakouts than I’d like. All those serums, night creams and facial mists that went over my head before are suddenly congregating on my bathroom shelf.

What’s new is a concerted two-pronged approach where hi tech science meets nature. There’s a rise in companies making products that deliver high performance results with a gentle, holistic approach. A few I’ve come across lately include Aurelia probiotic skincare, Votary and Omorovicza.

Ten years old this year, Omorovicza’s success is down to its secret ingredients, the healing waters of Budapest’s thermal springs and the moor mud from Lake Herviz. The waters absorb beneficial minerals from this region because the earth’s crust here is thinner. While products are free from unnecessary synthetic ingredients, Omorovicza uses cutting edge processes to create its innovative recipes.

Omorovicza Oxygen Booster and Omorovicza Instant Protection serum
Example: one of its newest launches is the Oxygen Booster (£85, above), a water-based gel that can be used alone on clean skin, or added to your moisturiser or serum to brighten and revitalise skin tone. The key ingredient is liquid oxygen that delivers a potent shot of concentrated hydration to regenerate lacklustre skin. Perfect for this time of year, I‘ve been using this to supercharge my Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum and it gives me a noticeably perkier, more uniform skin tone.

Also new is the Instant Perfection Serum (£80, above), an oil-free serum that helps combat the effects of pollution. I didn’t love the slightly sticky texture of this, but it works by using hyaluronic acid, xylitol and stem cells from the narcissus flower to add a steady dose of hydration throughout the day.

Omorovicza Queen Of Hungary Mist
Less high tech but extremely popular is the Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist (above). I admit I’m new to the cult of misting. I mean, I used Evian spray back in the day for cooling down in a heatwave but that was like, a fiver. Queen of Hungary Mist is several luxurious steps above that, infused with calming neroli, rose, sage and orange blossom, and packaged in a frosted glass spray bottle. It’s £50 for 100ml (or £25 for this limited edition 50ml one, pictured) and is very pleasant but is it useful? Well yes, it turns out. It’s a multi-tasker so can be used for cooling the skin, calming rosacea or sensitive flare-ups, boosting hydration during the day and – this is news to me – spritzing between layers of makeup to help it set and last longer. Keeping a bottle in the office fridge is apparently the done thing with beauty editors.

If £50 is a bit spendy, then check out the Omorovicza Introductory set (£69). This has a 30ml version (along with mini versions of the Ultramoor Mud Mask, Balancing Moisturiser, Cleansing Foam and Thermal Cleansing Balm). I haven’t tried the Thermal Cleansing Balm (another hero item) but I’ve tried a new cleanser that comes out next spring. The Moor Cream Cleanser is for sensitive dry skin and is a gorgeous combo of calcium and magnesium-rich Moor mud, with mint and lavender essential oils. It looks like a grey clay but it’s super creamy for massaging in, and removes makeup without stripping the skin (it’s sulphate-free). One to watch out for.

Omorovicza skincare
One of the things I’m guilty of sometimes is over cleansing. If I’m suffering from a breakout, I’ve learnt to cleanse less and moisturise more and it seems to work. Which brings me to my favourite product, the Omorovicza Rejuvenating Night Cream (£110). It’s very thick, almost solid in the pot, but the nicest consistency to use. It’s satisfyingly rich but not at all greasy and contains collagen-boosting carrot oil, free radical-fighting plum almond oil and Vitamin A, all especially kind to older skins.

Admittedly none of these products are cheap but they are effective. If you fancy trying anything, I’d suggest having one of the Omorovicza facials first. The facial itself is thorough but still relaxing (I slept through the vigorous happy-slappy massage) and the cost is redeemable against anything you buy, so it’s a good way to test things out. They’re also generous with their samples.

Omorovicza has a pretty comprehensive website, but you can also buy from Netaporter, Harrods, Space NK, Liberty, Harvey Nichols, and Cult Beauty.


WORDS AND IMAGES: Disneyrollergirl/Navaz Batliwalla
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