Doha photo diary

Some more photos from my trip to Doha, which I’m only just getting around to uploading now. In two days we jam-packed a trip to the Museum of Islamic Art, a walk through the souk, the Toujouri store launch party, a dinner, followed by a crazy brunch in the middle of the desert where first our two Land Rovers literally raced each other across the sand dunes. Oh yeah and we rode camels Sex & The City style… while taking Twitpics obviously.

The fantastic interior of the Museum of Islamic Art – it’s a bit Chanel, no?

Printed fabrics in Souk Waqif

Toujouri’s Lama El Moatassem, me and ‘friend’ with Caroline Issa in the background (fact: Ms Issa never slums it)

Business of Fashion‘s Imran Amed looking for somewhere to charge his phone

“I need to tweet this” #shitbloggersoncamelssay

Loving the leather loungers in the Qatar Airways business class lounge