FOUND! The detachable collar that wont swivel!

Thanks to Keep It Chic I have discovered a new fashion term. A ‘topping’ is apparently the name of these switcheroo collars that have a bit of extra fabric to keep them in place. The word ‘topping’ came from CeCe Toppings‘ founder Jamie Turquie; “it’s the top of the shirt. The word ‘dickey* was so unattractive that it automatically put off so many people. Topping sounds so much prettier, don’t you think?”

Yes I do! Although lots of designers seem to be producing just the collar, I’m not convinced it won’t swivel around once on (especially on my skinny neck) and so I need that bit extra to secure everything in place. And I love that CeCe Toppings’ ones come in perfectly plain styles as well as fancy printed ones.

These are all $37 from the CeCe Toppings site. Please can an enterprising buyer import some to the UK?

*I didn’t know that’s what they were called

[Main image: Caroline’s Mode]