Buy it now: Posh pyjamas with a twist from Poplin

OHHHHHH! How fun are these posh pyjamas with a twist from Poplin? An exclusive collaboration with Avenue32, I loved this story from Avenue32’s Erin Mullaney; “we wanted to create a collectable timeless illustration for the pyjamas that was both festive and stylish. When I was a little girl, we always got to open one present on Christmas Eve and without fail, ‘Santa’ always gave us Christmas pyjamas that we would wear the whole next morning and that would be captured in photos for the rest of time!”

These are illustrated by Isabella Cotier, with a design based on the character Clara in The Nutcracker. Poplin’s pyjamas are super-classic in cut and not badly priced at £120. (For the non print pyjama-wearer, there are other plain versions as well – and you can have them monogrammed.) These are limited edition and exclusive to Avenue32.