The March on Manhattan

Aria Isadora March on Manhattan

“Had people not been unemployed, restaurants not been closed, travel not been at a standstill and all available content consumed, I do not think the current movement in support of Black Lives would have gained the same momentum it currently has. This is a movement that has always been here, but it has finally managed to get everyone’s attention and start demanding and creating change. If I was not a photographer, I would still be marching; I would still be on the front lines. My ancestors were enslaved in this country, and this movement is something I have believed in my whole life.”

Photographer Aria Isadora tells Lux Mag the story of how she took this compelling shot of masked and besuited members of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, chanting and marching over the Brooklyn Bridge during the Black Lives Matter march of June 4th.

The photograph is for sale as a limited edition print in two sizes from David Hill Gallery in London, with net income going to Isadora and Until Freedom, her nominated organisation. Read about it at SHOWstudio or contact David Hill Gallery* for details.

*Disclosure: I have a personal connection to the gallery

WORDS: Disneyrollergirl/Navaz Batliwalla
IMAGE: Aria Isadora
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