Amanda Wakeley’s shoppable outfit posts


This is a simple but clever marketing campaign I read about on WWD.

Amanda Wakeley‘s ‘on the bed’ editorial pages are proving to be a massive product driver, with featured items almost selling out. The online campaign shows outfits photographed on a bed, styled haphazardly in the way you and I plan what to wear on a daily basis. The photos are on a dedicated ‘on the bed‘ page on Wakeley’s site and feature the all-important buying and sharing buttons.

What I like most about this is that the items are photographed with other brands, including Victoria Beckham sunglasses, Topshop tees and Christian Louboutin shoes. I always think it shows great confidence when a brand is prepared to promote competitor brands among its own, plus isn’t this how people actually dress?

Amanda-Wakeley 1
Amanda-Wakeley 2
Amanda-Wakeley 3
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