Coming soon: Moschino’s Gennarino iPhone cover

If I was made of tamer stuff I’d have an iPhone by now. I must be the only fashion person still persevering with my BlackBerry Torch but I’ve never been one for peer pressure. BlackBerrys are easier for emailing which is mostly what I use mine for, although I do feel a bit left out of the Instagram club. Ah well, I think I have enough social media streams to manage. (Anyway, maybe one day, we’ll get a Blackberry-iPhone hybrid.)

If you have an iPhone and a childish inclination towards kitsch plastic, you’ll love Moschino’s new iPhone cover. The Gennarino bear cover comes in brown, yellow or pink and lands in September…

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3 Responses to Coming soon: Moschino’s Gennarino iPhone cover

  1. Need, want, must have. Imagine pulling that out me Pierre Hardy!!! lol

  2. Lola says:

    My “hey rabito” cover is suddenly feeing very inadequate!

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