From the vaults: Elaine Constantine

Back in the pre-Mert & Marcus days before ultra-sophisticated fashion, when it wasn’t all about It bags and It shoes, Elaine Constantine was one of the most in-demand photographers around. Her peak was the late nineties when every other photographer tried to imitate her energetic, brightly-lit compositions. Her commissions included ad campaigns for Jigsaw and endless editorials for Italian Vogue and The Face with Big, Arena Homme Plus and US Vogue coming later. Youthful energy – complete with flowy hair and open-mouthed laughter – was her main trademark and the one that brought her to my attention. Her shoots involved a mix of models and ‘real people’ (often her friends) crowd-surfing, dancing, cycling and having pillow fights – in essence, simply having a good old time. The result was a hyper-real, action-packed style that wasn’t often found in fashion photography. These days, sadly it’s all about pandering to the advertisers, so statue-still studio shoots take precedence over location shoots which also keeps the budget reined in.

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9 Responses to From the vaults: Elaine Constantine

  1. EIGHT LONDON says:

    The swing shot is definitley my favourite…down with pretentious, static photography!!!

  2. Vagabondiana says:

    Loved her. And Karen Ferrari, oh me oh my.

  3. bambam says:

    amazing pics! the vintge quality of them combined the light and persoalities are a breath of fresh air. Yummy. I want them for my walls x

  4. Top Bird @ Wee Birdy says:

    Oh, love the energy and apparent spontaneity in these shots. xx

  5. The Beauty Edit says:

    Great post and nice to be reminded of these ace shots. Do you think Tim Walker has been influenced by her? Except everyone's having a better time in her shots and not mooching around their own personal castle.
    My fave is Gisele by the pool.

  6. WendyB says:

    Lots of energy in those photos! And SMILES.

  7. peppermintswish says:

    how adorable, swing shot is beautiful

  8. All Women Stalker says:

    Love the dynamism of these photos.


  9. enc says:

    Too bad; I like these images. I find them more compelling than the current style.

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