Library corner: Wonder Walls by Sarah Bagner

Playing with my books is my favourite way of whiling away the post-Christmas days. I don’t buy as many interiors books as photography books these days, but if you’re looking for thrifty styling inspiration, then I’d recommend this one.

Sarah Bagner is a non-stop creative juggernaut. Her Supermarket Sarah walls are a stroke of genius retailing – super-styled walls that are instantly shoppable, curated with a themed mix of craft works, vintage finds and emerging designer pieces.

Her new book Wonder Walls shows the same eye for detail and love of clutter – AKA personal stuff that defines us all. Bagner champions expressive interiors and has unearthed some great examples of creative spaces from all over the world. What they have in common is that they that all look human and lived-in, but not suffocatingly so. To accompany the excellent photos are tips and suggestions to encourage and inspire…