We will be with our friends again

Theyre Lee-Elliott Imperial Airways poster

“We will be with our friends again; we will be with our families again; we will meet again.”

The Queen’s speech on 5th April is a fitting accompaniment to these vintage posters designed by Theyre Lee-Elliott. Thanks to an Instagram rabbit hole, I discovered the blue postbox below via The Postal Museum. And the other two via the Vintage Poster blog.

I like the simplicity of the designs and the constructivist collage of the tube poster. But the Vintage Poster blog gives some really interesting insights to Lee-Elliott in its comments. With scarce info to be found about the British artist, it seems everyone is congregating in the comments section. Designing posters for the GPO and London Transport in the 1930s, Lee-Elliott segued to fine art, painting Saddlers Wells dancers and actor friends and later exchanging paintings for lodgings during the war. There are some great recollections of his DIY painting techniques, plus an amusing description of his friendship with potter Bernard Leach. Read more here.

Theyre Lee-Elliott air mail poster
Theyre Lee-Elliott London Transport poster

I love the unintended optimism of these posters. We will travel by tube again and we will (but maybe not for a while) fly again!

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