Quote of the day: Essie Weingarten

“If the colour fits, wear it”
Essie founder, Essie Weingarten on Into The Gloss

I loved reading Weingarden’s soundbites and stories. Did you know you should wait two minutes between each coat of nail polish? Me neither. She also had this observation of European beauty consumers; “In Europe, as far as color is concerned, women are a little more sophisticated. They like a lot of green.” Er, what did I just post about three days ago? Oh yeah, Estee Lauder’s new green-black polish. Essie has nail colours that are still going strong since the very early days. Bordeaux (a wine red) and Ballet Slippers (pale pink) are 31 years old and Fiesta (colour-matched to a favourite raspberry pin cushion) is 30 years old. Read here for more.

Main image: Into The Gloss