Punk Perfect Awful

If I have to choose between a kissy-kissy, champagne-and-red-carpet, fashion week soiree and a scuzzy East London beer-fest, the scuzzy option wins every time. London does ‘gritty’ much more convincingly than posh somehow. Matt Irwin’s private view for his Punk Perfect Awful exhibition was just that – messy, gritty, noisy and silly (Like, hello, what was Geri Halliwell doing there?!). Fashion-wise, it was a complete fur-fest, accompanied by short skirts, fancy tights plus a smattering of distressed, nay, distraught denim. Excellent!

Oh, and I had a lovely chat with nail artist Sophy Robson about the second coming of the long nail. Yep, talons are back! Check her blog here