How to draw Mickey Mouse

Here’s a very cute collaboration if you love Disney and Moleskine. A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a Mickey Mouse drawing masterclass at the Saatchi Gallery, to launch the new Moleskine Mickey Mouse notebook which honours the art of sketching, drawing and design.

We were given a demo by Disney’s amiable character artist, Seiji Lim, who showed how Mickey is drawn by joining up a series of circular or oval shapes. Once you get the hang of the wrist action and proportions, it’s not that hard to get a bit of a likeness. (Did you know that Mickey’s eyes used to be all black in the olden days and only changed to pupils when the films changed to colour? Although I think I prefer my Mickey with all-black eyes – it’s easier to draw…)

The Mickey Mouse limited edition Moleskine notebook comes in two sizes (large £18.50, small £13.99) and includes a separate drawing guide. You can buy it from Amazon, Waterstones and other retailers.