Buy it now: my go-to winter skin boosters


Ugh, now the clocks have gone back, I’m bracing myself for the winter blues. Apart from depressing mornings and a mega craving for sugar and junk food, winter brings out the worst in my skin.  Here are three products I swear by for their skin-boosting and mood-enhancing properties:

Sanctuary Therapist’s Secret Facial Oil
I first discovered this in a Red magazine goody bag and I’ve been loving it ever since. At £17.50 for 30ml it’s an affordable facial oil that does the job of far more expensive brands. I just gently press in a couple of drops after cleansing at night and the effect is soft, comfortable skin that doesn’t feel greasy. There’s a three for two at Boots at the moment if you buy it HERE.

Burt’s Bees Citrus Facial Scrub
This icky-looking brown stuff isn’t the prettiest but it smells fantastic and is my go-to for polishing dull, winter-battered skin. The zesty smell reminds me of Christmas pudding but has a mood-boosting benefit as well which is absolutely essential on dark mornings. Plus the ingredients list – finely ground almonds, oats, pecans and rose petals – sounds good enough to eat. Buy it HERE.

Neom Organics Refresh Sicilian Basil and Fresh Lemon Body Wash
This came in my Fashion Week survival kit and is a godsend for lethargic mornings. The combination of sweet basil with zingy lemon is warm and energising and probably the only thing that will stop me hitting the snooze button on a Monday morning. At £18 for 240ml it’s a pricy buy but men love it too so it might be worth going halves. Buy it HERE.


[Main pic: Peter Lindbergh]