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Bag lady

Chanel’s press day was something of an anti climax. Last season (ie this season, spring-summmer) was all futuristic perspex and vinyl. The autumn winter offering didn’t have much of a theme but I did pick up on a white patent Beatle boot – so clearly the 60s theme does continue. Other than the fur earmuffs, scarves and ski gloves (yawn) the big story was quilted chain strap bags. It’s the turn of jewel brights and primary colours so think tomato red, turquoise, yellow and orange plus a rather special silver mesh chain-strap bag. If you’re over the classic chain-strap bag you might prefer the vintage-look minaudieres. Of course, you can’t auctually put anything IN them, but hey, why would you want to do that?

Jean genius

Levis invited me to their ‘new fits’ presentation last week. They launch in June and I don’t have pics but it’s all good. I liked their 471 higher wait skinny jeans. They’re not an extreme ‘fashion’ high waist but just sit on the natural waistline, yet since we’re so used to hipsters it’s a style that looks new. The super-sophisticated dense black wash was my favourite. Then there’s the 770 bow leg jean. It looks vastly better on the body than on the hanger and the idea is it’s cut to deliberately scrunch up at the hem. But the standout pieces for me were the dresses. Yes, Levi’s is stepping away from the jeans –woo hoo! These cool babies launch in August so keep your eyes peeled.

Exceedingly good

So you think Kipling is all naff bags with a sad monkey keyring? No way Jose, ex-Celine designer Isabelle Cheron is now on board as creative director so next season is all about satin-nylon holdalls a la Longchamp and printed velvet Le Sportsac stylee. Kipling’s growing up and I’m behind them 100%! (PS Did you know the monkeys all have names and are named after the staff who work there…?)

Ooh controversial…

Simon Doonan, Creative Director of Barneys, New York has been quoted in the UK press as saying Kate Moss is “a working class slag from a crap town, like me.” Cue defensive counter-quotes from a Croydon Council bod (“Croydon is a vibrant place to live with great shopping”) and TopShop’s optimistically misguided PR (“I think he is trying to say that Kate is playing to her strengths and can appeal to the masses”). Well, it doesn’t really matter does it? As Kate knows more than anyone, all publicity is good publicity. Say what the hell you like, it’s all more kerching for Croydon Kate.