Sorry I’m late…

Sheesh, I really do need a new watch. The Liberty/Merci collab landed in London last week but tsk, I’m only just posting about it now. Ah well, better late than never.

In a new take on the pop-up shop, London’s Liberty and Paris’ Merci collaborated on an exclusive line using Liberty’s spriggy florals and then did a swap shop. The Paris version launched during Paris Fashion Week, while London’s Carnaby Street wing gets the Merci treatment until 29th March. One of the key things about the line is it’s affordable to everyone. You can buy everything from mugs to make-up bags, to little children’s bikinis to envelopes (envelopes!). The stationery fiend in me got very excited about these and also about the little rolls of Liberty-print ‘Washi’ masking tape. There are also dresses and kaftans for women, supersized cushions and everyone’s favourites, the mini suitcases…

Love the utilitarian merchandising clashing with the genteel florals

I was very taken with the stencilled storage boxes

Too damn cute!

Liberty print envelopes = stroke of genius

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2 Responses to Sorry I’m late…

  1. Glowing Doll says:

    The winged hanger is so cute. I like how they used neon electrical tape to hang stuff

  2. Jennifer says:

    Boy, I wish we had access to this collab here in the States rather than the Target one. Poly frocks in the most non-Liberty-like Liberty prints, ugh.

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