We love Sprouse

This week’s Grazia has a feature on the new Louis Vuitton/Stephen Sprouse tribute range, showcasing some of the neon graffitied and rose-motif printed bags, clothes and accessories from the collection. My first thoughts? Crikey it’s garish! I must confess, I’ve always hankered for one of the original graffed-up wallets or pochettes but I just didn’t get there fast enough (nor could I justify the poundage at the time).

Having properly navigated the very chic, post-punk stylee website – www.welovesprouse.com – I can say it’s growing on me. I particularly like the videos that explain about Sprouse and about Marc Jacobs’ vision behind this offering. (Sprouse died a view years ago so Jacobs was channelling Sprouse’s vision with this collection.) Check out Debbie Harry’s contribution here.

To be completely honest, the only thing I’d consider buying from this range is the wallets or the Neverful bag, everything else is just too (oh dear) young for me!

I can see this scarf being the first to sell-out. Cue a Grazia DPS (magazine-speak for ‘double-page spread’) in a month or so showcasing all the sheep B-listers sporting it in their own ‘inimitable’ way.

Agyness Deyn would work this Neverful bag bashed up and teamed with Henry Holland’s holey jeans and an American Apparel hot-pink tee.

I can clearly see Vicky Beckham sporting this Speedy bag with a Dolce & Gabbana black shift, DVB dark shades and a grumpy grimace.

Paging Lindsay Lo! These have got your name (well not literally obviously) all over them.

The rose print is my least favourite but I can so see Vogue cover girl (grrr, Alex Schulman, what were you thinking?) Cheryl Cole giving it a whirl.

Over to you…what’s your take?