No-trend dressing – part II

While still pondering the concept of the ‘no-trend season‘, a little Googling threw up a gem. It seems we’ve been here before with this ‘no-trend’ business, eighteen years ago in fact. Amy Spindler debated the issue in this 1995 New York Times article. The bit that jumped out at me was a quote from Joan Kaner, the senior vice president and fashion director of Neiman Marcus. “The trend comes in and out every six months, and the customer is spending a lot of money on clothes she thinks will be obsolete in two or three months. She’s right to be angry.”

See? Fashion fatigue happened eighteen years ago too, this is a mere revival. Which proves alas, that today’s trend go-slow isn’t the sign of big changes I thought it was. Give it a season or two and we’ll be back to the must-haves and ‘It’ items that makes the fashion world go round. Individuality be damned, it is a business after all.