The good things in life still exist…

The above is the strapline for the Manufactum website. Forget Netaporter and The Selby, this is how I like to while away my hours (OK, there is also the hopelessly-addictive Daily Mail website – the comments are priceless – but we won’t go into that). Olde worlde toiletries, hardwearing kitchenware, no-nonsense clothing, is it the iffy economy that finds one seeking refuge in these reassuringly made-to-last products or is it simply the fantastic, utilitarian design?

Coccoina glue

I wonder if this is what Peter Beard uses for his scrapbooks?

Flannel pyjamas

May be good for The Sartorialist …?


Totally channeling Jean Seberg via Alexa Chung

Aeroplane eau de toilette

I have no clue who calls a fragrance ‘Aeroplane’ but you just know it’s good by looking at it, no?

Clothes hanger with brush

A hanger-cum-clothes-brush? Insane!

moth traps

Seriously, if these work I’m buying shares in the company…

Computer cleaning brush

Why use a damp tissue when you can use a ‘computer cleaning brush’?

Sewing box
This sewing box actually gave me palpitations…and I loathe sewing. But for jewellery or make-up? Why, yes please!