Summits and supermodels

The Fashion Summit 2009 is fast approaching on 17th November and I went to its reception drinks last night. What the eff is the Fashion Summit, you ask? Good question. In a nutshell it’s a two-day conference where fashion industry players from Sir Stuart Rose to influential bloggers will share their wisdom and discuss the future of fashion. I’ll be in attendance on both days and hope to blog about what I see and hear. At last night’s soiree, I chomped beef skewers with William Tempest (so lovely), Daisy de Villeneuve (hot-topic: fashion freeloaders), blog buddy Rebekah Roy and hubby Chris, Aquascutum’s Michael Herz and Courtney Blackman from Forward PR who also runs FBC.

Willliam Tempest and Rebekah Roy

I also caught up with Martyn Roberts and John Walford, co-directors of Vauxhall Fashion Scout. John Walford managed to shut me up as he reminisced about the days when he used to direct Linda, Naomi, Christy and Helena at the shows and take Helena and Linda record shopping. Wow, what did they buy John? “Helena was all about the singer-songwriter and indie bands while Linda was more easy listening.” Ooh, like Neil Diamond? “No, not that easy listening. I got her into Nick Drake.”
[Pic: Christopher Dadey]