Trouser Trauma

Oh I’m in such a bind! My recent acquisition of various jackets, tops and shoes means I now have a shortage of bottoms to fill in the gap and I’m not quite ready to embrace the trend for GaGa pants however much Miuccia wants me to.

What I need: No more jeans but a tapered or slim-fit chino or a not-too-baggy peg pant (a demi-peg?) to go with my buttoned-up-to-the-neck denim jacket. Gap’s chinos had potential but weren’t small enough (I seem to be a UK size 4 in Gap. Wtf?) YMC has some that are on my list to try on. COS – nothing. Acne’s chinos were too tapered resulting in puffy-butt syndrome….Not chic. I’m rather drawn to these Net-a-porter Vanessa Bruno Athé trousers (above) but they’re fuller than I’d like and don’t exactly spell ‘everyday’ do they?

A cigarette chino is what I really want, one that stops shy of the ankle (remember, I’m short petite, so length is an issue). It really needs to be black, grey, khaki or dark beige although red could be nice. Uniqlo had nothing to offer and I don’t do high street as a rule, but if there is something of unusually good quality and well-cut then I’m willing to give it a shot.

Any leads? Budget is £100-£120 max … unless it’s amazing.