The fast fashion backlash

Cheap chic, doncha just love it? Well actually, no I don’t. Where once New Look, TopShop and H&M ruled, now it’s Primark, Peacocks and George that high street snobs delight in flaunting to their pals – ‘Look, £5 from Primarni!’ Yet, multiply those £5 tops and £10 dresses by 15 (two tops on payday, a quick lunchtime fix frock, another Friday evening frock to wear at the weekend…you see where this is going don’t you?), and that’s around £100 a month wasted on throwaway tat that you’ll be bored of before you’ve got it home. (more…)

Posh punk remembered

Poor Issy Blow has died. A pillar of English eccentricity she was the posh punk responsible for putting unique Brits like Alexander McQueen, Stella Tennant and Philip Treacy on the style map. The exact details of her death are still uncertain. Some say it was ovarian cancer, others suggest she poisoned herself after bouts of depression and following an accident (or previous suicide attempt) which meant she was unable to wear high heels. One thing is for sure, this unique creative genius will not be forgotten.

She’s back

Who couldn’t love an author who suggests colour coordinating your book jackets to your clothes? My favourite film director Miranda July, she of Me And You And Everyone We Know has a book of short stories out this month called No One Belongs Here More Than You. ( These pics are from her website and she is scheduled to do a talk at the Serpentine Gallery on June 4th.

About man bags and other accoutrements

Even though I confess to having an All Saints leather jacket I’m not really an All Saints kind of girl. I dunno, all that deconstructed jersey and faux rock chick styling just seems a bit over-played. But I have to eat my words when it comes to their menswear. Not menswear for guys you understand, I mean menswear for ME! My first must-have from their autumn winter preview had to be the wallets – I have a bit of a fetish for those credit-card holders on a lanyard and these are nicely understated. Then there are the mens scarves. I’m talking grey/black silk leopard print, black silk with tiny lime hearts, cerise silk squares with red piping. Yes, these are all mens! And don’t even get me started on the man bags – fabulous totes in nylon and leather – nicely sized but not too ‘statement’. Then there are the thin sloppy joe tshirts and stripy vests – just the right cut for a boy-girl fit to go with jeans and cowboy boots Kirsten Dunst/Johnny Borrell style.

Actually, there were some winning womenswear looks. Namely the necklaces which will look good worn on their own or tangled up together and the denim corset dress (which is nowhere near as chavvy as it sounds). Thanks to the generous £100 voucher press gift I can indulge in some of these when they hit the shops later in the year.